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IVE (Chai Wan)

H3C Network College


H3C Training Center, a specialized training organization, is set up by H3C Technologies Co, Ltd. Its vision is to provide its global clients, channel partners, its staff and network professionals with a broad range of comprehensive and advanced network product training and network technology certification service.

H3C Training Center, based on H3C network technology certification & training systems and resource platform, catering to different demands of its clients, dedicates to delivering high-qualified IT solution certification training and special certification of network products, to fully support the enterprises and colleges fostering of excellent network technicians, and promote their working proficiency to maximize clients investment returns and to bring to them the maximum profit.

H3C Network College, IVE (Chai Wan)

IVE (Chai Wan) is the first H3C Network College in Hong Kong. Students and teachers can receive quality H3C certified training on practical networking applications including the H3C Network Engineer (H3CNE) curriculum.

Certificates with International Authority

  • H3C is the first enterprise of China to provide IT certification service to the global market, and H3C Certification is China first network technique certification system in accordance with the international standard, with its full intellectual property on its products and teaching materials. As a well known IT certification brand, H3C Certification will help you to prove the network techniques and practical abilities you have and to maintain your strong competitive edge in the fierce competitions in your professional life.
  • H3C certification sticks to the principle of being realistic and specialized, making use of what have been taught, caters to different requirements of the clients, and makes continuous improvement of itself so as to make H3C certification a world known certification brand.

Practical Course Design

  • H3C Training Center develops its course in accordance with its product development philosophy. There are 4 development stages: market research, design, development, and evaluation of the teaching effect. Course design focuses on the promotion of the trainee’s practical working ability, especially the practical hands-on maintenance operation, online case study, and simulated training of fault handling. By offering the activities closely related to the present situations on the network, the trainees practical ability of operation and maintenance can be greatly improved.
  • According to the client requirements and characteristics of their products, training courses follow the concept of modular design, and its every course has training objectives, specific content of training, and reasonable time schedule that can be evaluated. And case study and fostering of the practical ability of applying techniques are emphasized in the course design. In the certification exam there is certain proportion of examination on the practical configuration ability. Each part of training courses is organized in a rational time schedule to ensure the best training effect.