Information Technology

IVE (Chai Wan)

Senior Lecturer

Mr. CHAN Moon Tong, Jamson

HD(PolyU(H.K.)); BSc(Salford); MSc(HK); PGDE(HK Baptist U)

MHKCS, MIEEE, SCP(Sun Microsystems)

Tel :2595-8159

Email :

Office : Room 301, Academic Block, 30 Shing Tai Road, Chai Wan, Hong Kong

  • Information Systems
  • Optimization Algorithm in Production Planning
  • Just-In-Time Scheduling
  • Genetic Algorithm
  • Dynamic Programming
Date Services
2013-14 Selection interview board member for the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Scholarship Awards
Date Services
2014 Smart City Contest 2014 for Secondary Schools – Originator and liaison person
2008 BCS (HKS) Mentorship Programme 2008 - IVE(MH)/ICT coordinator
2007 - 2008 Chiang Chen Student Project Competition, AY2007/08 - IVE(MH)/ICT coordinator
2006 Coordinator of the 1st Hong Kong Inter-schools Lego Robot Competition
  • X. Cai, V. Lum and J. Chan, Scheduling about a Common Due Date with Job-Dependent Asymmetric Earliness and Tardiness Penalties, the European Journal of Operations Research, Vol. 98, pp154-168, 1997.
  • X. Cai, Vincent Lum and Jamson Chan, Optimal scheduling about a Common Due Date with Different Earliness and Tardiness Penalties, Proceeding of the 1994 International Conference on Data Knowledge Systems for Manufacturing and Engineering on May 2-4, 1994 at CUHK, vol 2, pp.686-691.
Date Title
1-4 Jun 2005 Chairman of presentation sessions of CBIT2005 International Conference
Date Projects
2005 Summer Virtual Enterprise Project
2004 - 2005 Video & Audio Project Coordinator with GP Harmonie Ltd. (芝柏映像創作有限公司)